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Multi-purpose shutters – 5 other functions security shutters provide

What are security shutters?

‘Security shutters’ usually refers to aluminium louvre shutters that incorporate security elements like a good locking system and in-built strengthening features. Not all louvre shutters can be classified as security shutters. Many of them lack the strength to be able to maintain their integrity when attacked with tools such as a garden spade. Security louvre shutters are a decorative addition to homes with the added benefit of providing protection against burglars.

Security shutter purposes

Elegant louvre shutters are becoming popular as an alternative to conventional burglar proofing. They are lovely to look at and blend in beautifully with any décor style. If you choose the right brand, they can provide so much more than good looks.  Security shutters with in-built security features provide a high level of protection from a break-in, so they are more than just decorative window treatments.

Here are five other functions that security shutters can provide in homes and offices:

1. Multi-purpose window treatments

At first glance security shutters may look pricy, especially if you want them in every room in your home or office.  But if you decide to install them as all-in-one burglar proofing and blinds, with no need for curtains as well, you’ll find it becomes cost effective to choose aluminium louvre security shutters as your only window treatment.

An interesting exercise is to get quotes for burglar bars, blinds and curtains and then compare these three quotes to the single quote for your security shutters. Installing just the security shutters usually cuts down on costs as well as irritation because you have one contractor on site in your home for a relatively short period of time, rather than three different ones, which requires co-ordination, time and expense.

Aluminium security shutters are an excellent investment in your home or office premises, particularly if you order them in white, which blends in with most architectural and décor styles.  If you update your decor you won’t have to update your window treatments too.

2. Protective safety barrier

Bear in mind that not all louvre shutters are security shutters. Some are purely decorative with no reliable strength under attack. Many of these designs are said to be security shutters, but they have merely been fitted with a locking system, not intentionally manufactured with security features. 

They may look similar to security shutters, but decorative shutters won’t be able to stand up to a strong hammer blow or an attack by some other tool brought along by burglars for the purpose of breaking into your home or office.

Trellidor louvre security shutters have designed-in security features that make it a security barrier as well as a shutter. The shutters are fitted with a patented tamper-resistant Trellidor locking system and unique keys with a serial number for added security as well as top grade stainless steel hinges for increased strength.  The units are lockable from both sides for added convenience.

Each louvre in a Trellidor security shutter is reinforced with a threaded steel bar along its entire length, providing strength and security whether the louvres are open or closed. When closed and locked, the shutters provide a high level of protection.

Even with these added internal security features, Trellidor Security Shutter is far from a clunky window treatment.  The clutter usually associated with similar shutters has been designed out by concealing all operating mechanisms within the shutter frame and there are no fiddly external levers or rods.  Louvres are opened and closed simply by moving them up or down by hand.  

3. The perfect solution for wet areas

Aluminium louvre security shutters are in high demand for bathrooms and kitchens because their simple, clean lines help to create an airy, fresh, light-filled ambience. This is apart from their practical attractions, such as being easy to keep clean. Trellidor uses an electro-static powder coating process so the only cleaning required is a simple wipe. 

Aluminium does not rust but it does corrode.  It does not corrode in moist conditions as its surface is protected by a natural layer of aluminium oxide. Before being powder coated in the colour chosen by the homeowner, Trellidor security shutters undergo a pre-treatment process for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. 

This makes Trellidor Security Shutters suitable for coastal homes and office as well for moist environments such as bathroom and kitchens.

4. Control privacy, light, noise, heat

Security shutters can be used to create privacy from passers-by. This is particularly useful if you live in an estate, where children may be playing in the common areas or residents may be strolling past on their daily amble around the estate. The louvres can be tilted to prevent people from seeing inside without losing too much light or fresh air.

The louvres also allow you to control the amount of light filtering into a room, which can change throughout the day as the sun moves. Closed security shutters block out a degree of noise and heat too. 

5. Extend or protect entertainment areas

Get creative with sleek, stylish aluminium louvre security shutters. They are custom-manufactured in a wide variety of configurations from sliding doors to bi-fold units, French doors and windows and hinged doors and windows, so the possibilities are endless. 

At home, you can get security shutters made up as room dividers between an enclosed patio and the rooms that adjoin it. This protects the indoor rooms from anyone that breaks into the patio area.

At the office or in conference venues, security shutters can be used to separate spaces with different functions when closed, or to integrate these areas when open.  

Security shutters make excellent patio doors that can be opened up to extend your outdoor entertainment area. Or they can be closed when cold, windy weather sets in so that you can still make use of this outdoor room.

Louvre shutters are a practical alternative to solid cupboard doors.  The louvres allow air to circulate, which is particularly important in humid conditions such as high rainfall areas.

Security shutters are ideal for outdoor pubs, where they can be used as lockable doors. Close and lock them at night or when you are away, protecting whatever is stored out there from theft.

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