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Top 6 Reasons to Select Transparent Burglar Bars

What are Transparent Burglar Bars?

Transparent burglar bars are made from engineering grade Polycarbonate (PC) plastic, manufactured into bars. It has a high impact resistance and is see-through. Bars individually screwed into window frames cannot repel an attack as well as fully framed units. PC is suitable for medium to low risk security threats, not high risk areas. In South Africa it is more commonly used to keep monkeys and baboons out of homes. Security screens made from high tensile woven stainless steel mesh encased in a frame are also classed as transparent burglar bars as the eye sees right through the mesh.

Transparent burglar bar benefits

Transparent burglar bars have gained popularity in South Africa because they are virtually invisible window security bars. In a country where every window and door needs to be protected against an attempted break-in and homes could end up looking like prisons, this see-through aspect is important.

The problem is that because these Polycarbonate bars are readily available and easy to install, people forget to ask pertinent questions such as ‘what are transparent burglar bars made out of’ and ‘are they as strong as steel burglar bars’ or even ‘how long will these PC bars last if exposed to UV rays?’

Polycarbonate bars are just one of the products available within the Trellidor range of burglar proofing for windows. They were introduced to the range of options because:

  1. Polycarbonate bars are excellent for keeping monkeys and baboons out of homes in areas where these primates have become a pest.
  2. It is suitable for housing estates where conventional burglar bars are banned. In this case, the invisible bars are a deterrent to petty theft.
  3. They are a good low-cost solution in low crime risk areas where people just want to add a layer of security that acts as a deterrent to break-ins.

Trellidor is known for the strength of its security barrier products, so our franchises don’t just install off-the-shelf Polycarbonate bars. These low-end products are easy to kick out of the window frame to which they are attached and are not up to Trellidor standards.

Our engineers redesigned Polycarbonate bar burglar proofing, adding a full frame that secures the bars in place, increasing their stability and ability to resist attack. The unit is secured into the substrate surrounding the window, rather than merely being screwed into the window frame.

Trellidor does not advise the use of these see-through burglar bars in high crime risk areas. But in areas where they are suitable for use, they are a very acceptable invisible solution to protecting windows.

6 reasons to select Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar transparent burglar bars

1. Virtually invisible 

Polycarbonate bars are transparent, so you hardly notice that they’re there on your windows, keeping out monkeys, baboons and people without being too obvious. For this reason, they are often approved by Homeowners Associations and Bodies Corporate for use in estates. They’re also ideal for hotels, bush lodges and country estates.

2. Fully framed

Most Polycarbonate bars are simply screwed individually into the window frame. Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar, however, is fully framed on all four sides, with the Polycarbonate bars fitted into an extruded aluminium frame at regular intervals. 

This increases the strength of each unit once it’s installed next to the window. The frame adds stability and resilience, making Trellidor Polycarbonate burglar bars much sturdier than other Polycarbonate bars that are just screwed into the window frame.

3. Neat finish

The patented extruded aluminium frame provides a neat finish to the Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar unit. It is a slim-line design with corner cleats and can be fitted into a relatively small reveal size for an unobtrusive reveal fit as opposed to a face-on fit.

The fact that the frame is slim-line is important because many homes these days are built with narrow reveals to save on building costs. Into this small space you have to fit the window, burglar proofing and blinds, so there is a lot of competition for installation space.

4. Customized gaps

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar customized gap sizes allow the customer to choose the size of the space between each polycarbonate panel, within an ideal range that will deter monkeys if necessary. The pitch (space from the centre of one panel to the centre of the adjacent panel) can be either 90mm or 130mm, narrow enough to discourage monkeys and baboons from trying to get through them. 

This reasonably flexible choice of pitch size is also designed to more easily accommodate window handles and hinges.

5. Fixed to substrate

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bars are fixed to the substrate surrounding the window instead of to the window frame itself. This contributes to the strength of these burglar bars when attacked by an intruder. Polycarbonate panels merely screwed into the window frame are far easier for burglars to pull out by applying a bit of force.

6. Excellent lifespan

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar has an excellent lifespan because our manufacturing process includes pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. This process helps guard against one of the most common complaints against Polycarbonate bars, which is yellowing and discolouration of the Polycarbonate panels due to exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Transparent security screens

See-through security screens are another type of invisible window security bar. The woven stainless steel mesh panel that makes up the bulk of this burglar proofing is virtually invisible to the eye. When you look at the screens, you see right through them to the outside.

The screens can be manufactured for doors and windows in a number of different configurations. So if you have sliding doors onto your patio, the screens can be made into a sliding door format and installed alongside your doors. You are then able to keep your doors open for fresh air and light, while the screens are closed and locked for protection.

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are beautifully designed and strong enough to deter burglars. They also keep out monkeys, baboons, snakes and insects such as mosquitoes. The screens also assist with internal climate control, as they block out a degree of heat and UV penetration.

This is a high-end product that is suitable for homes, bush lodges, offices, patios and any room with a lovely view that would be spoiled by the clutter of metal burglar bars. It is a reliable form of see-through burglar bars that can be used in high crime risk areas.

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