Multi-purpose shutters – 5 other functions security shutters provide

Security shutters as room dividers

What are security shutters?

‘Security shutters’ usually refers to aluminium louvre shutters that incorporate security elements like a good locking system and in-built strengthening features. Not all louvre shutters can be classified as security shutters. Many of them lack the strength to be able to maintain their integrity when attacked with tools such as a garden spade. Security louvre shutters are a decorative addition to homes with the added benefit of providing protection against burglars.

Security shutter purposes

Elegant louvre shutters are becoming popular as an alternative to conventional burglar proofing. They are lovely to look at and blend in beautifully with any décor style. If you choose the right brand, they can provide so much more than good looks.  Security shutters with in-built security features provide a high level of protection from a break-in, so they are more than just decorative window treatments.

Here are five other functions that security shutters can provide in homes and offices:

1. Multi-purpose window treatments

At first glance security shutters may look pricy, especially if you want them in every room in your home or office.  But if you decide to install them as all-in-one burglar proofing and blinds, with no need for curtains as well, you’ll find it becomes cost effective to choose aluminium louvre security shutters as your only window treatment.

An interesting exercise is to get quotes for burglar bars, blinds and curtains and then compare these three quotes to the single quote for your security shutters. Installing just the security shutters usually cuts down on costs as well as irritation because you have one contractor on site in your home for a relatively short period of time, rather than three different ones, which requires co-ordination, time and expense.

Aluminium security shutters are an excellent investment in your home or office premises, particularly if you order them in white, which blends in with most architectural and décor styles.  If you update your decor you won’t have to update your window treatments too.

2. Protective safety barrier

Bear in mind that not all louvre shutters are security shutters. Some are purely decorative with no reliable strength under attack. Many of these designs are said to be security shutters, but they have merely been fitted with a locking system, not intentionally manufactured with security features. 

They may look similar to security shutters, but decorative shutters won’t be able to stand up to a strong hammer blow or an attack by some other tool brought along by burglars for the purpose of breaking into your home or office.

Trellidor louvre security shutters have designed-in security features that make it a security barrier as well as a shutter. The shutters are fitted with a patented tamper-resistant Trellidor locking system and unique keys with a serial number for added security as well as top grade stainless steel hinges for increased strength.  The units are lockable from both sides for added convenience.

Each louvre in a Trellidor security shutter is reinforced with a threaded steel bar along its entire length, providing strength and security whether the louvres are open or closed. When closed and locked, the shutters provide a high level of protection.

Even with these added internal security features, Trellidor Security Shutter is far from a clunky window treatment.  The clutter usually associated with similar shutters has been designed out by concealing all operating mechanisms within the shutter frame and there are no fiddly external levers or rods.  Louvres are opened and closed simply by moving them up or down by hand.  

3. The perfect solution for wet areas

Aluminium louvre security shutters are in high demand for bathrooms and kitchens because their simple, clean lines help to create an airy, fresh, light-filled ambience. This is apart from their practical attractions, such as being easy to keep clean. Trellidor uses an electro-static powder coating process so the only cleaning required is a simple wipe. 

Aluminium does not rust but it does corrode.  It does not corrode in moist conditions as its surface is protected by a natural layer of aluminium oxide. Before being powder coated in the colour chosen by the homeowner, Trellidor security shutters undergo a pre-treatment process for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. 

This makes Trellidor Security Shutters suitable for coastal homes and office as well for moist environments such as bathroom and kitchens.

4. Control privacy, light, noise, heat

Security shutters can be used to create privacy from passers-by. This is particularly useful if you live in an estate, where children may be playing in the common areas or residents may be strolling past on their daily amble around the estate. The louvres can be tilted to prevent people from seeing inside without losing too much light or fresh air.

The louvres also allow you to control the amount of light filtering into a room, which can change throughout the day as the sun moves. Closed security shutters block out a degree of noise and heat too. 

5. Extend or protect entertainment areas

Get creative with sleek, stylish aluminium louvre security shutters. They are custom-manufactured in a wide variety of configurations from sliding doors to bi-fold units, French doors and windows and hinged doors and windows, so the possibilities are endless. 

At home, you can get security shutters made up as room dividers between an enclosed patio and the rooms that adjoin it. This protects the indoor rooms from anyone that breaks into the patio area.

At the office or in conference venues, security shutters can be used to separate spaces with different functions when closed, or to integrate these areas when open.  

Security shutters make excellent patio doors that can be opened up to extend your outdoor entertainment area. Or they can be closed when cold, windy weather sets in so that you can still make use of this outdoor room.

Louvre shutters are a practical alternative to solid cupboard doors.  The louvres allow air to circulate, which is particularly important in humid conditions such as high rainfall areas.

Security shutters are ideal for outdoor pubs, where they can be used as lockable doors. Close and lock them at night or when you are away, protecting whatever is stored out there from theft.

How to choose the best security gate for your home and business

Home and business

What are security gates? 

Security gates protect people in homes and businesses from forced entry by unauthorised and possibly dangerous intruders. They are fitted next to doors and windows to make them intruder-resistant and are manufactured from materials such as steel, aluminium and wrought iron. Ideally, security gates should be custom-made to tightly fit the opening, making it difficult for intruders to prise them out of their fixings to gain access to the premises.

Tips for choosing security gates

There are many lookalike security gate options on the market, but not all of them are equal when it comes to performance. For the sake of your personal safety, it is important to know exactly what you are purchasing and how well your security gates will perform in keeping you safe at home or work. Then you can make the right choice of the best security gate for your needs.

Here are important points to consider in making your choice.

1. What is the level of crime you’re trying to guard against?

If you are in a low crime area such as a secure estate, then possibly all you require is a visual deterrent to opportunistic intruders. In areas where the risk of a break-in is higher, you need to consider security gates with built-in strength, a full frame that is securely anchored into the substrate around the door or window and with reliable locks. This type of gate is custom manufactured and installed by reputable companies such as Trellidor.

Choose your security gate

2. Which security gate design to choose?

There are many different security gate designs available. The most popular is still the trellis-patterned sliding gate as it is a cost-effective solution for doors and windows.  If you opt for a really good quality product, the gates will last many years. For those that prefer a less cluttered outlook there are lifestyle compatible designs such as Trellidor Clear Guard security screens, Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters and Trellidor Security Shutter aluminium louvres.

3. Look for high strength under attack

Some security gates will resist an attack by a burglar far longer than others, giving you more time to call for help or to escape. The difference is in the gate’s internal construction. Many security gate designs look similar and it is hard to know what to look for. A good idea is to visit each manufacturer’s showroom to test their products and ask questions about how the gate is constructed.  Trellidor offers a range of security gate strengths and prices, from dependably strong right up to one of the strongest security gate designs in the world, fitted in several London Underground train stations.

4. Ask for proof that security gates are strong enough to buy time

There is no dedicated security barrier testing body in South Africa with standardised test criteria to measure security products against so that you can compare them. Some companies state that they are ‘SAIA approved’ but this South African Insurance Association testing body ceased to exist in 2007 and its original tests are very out of date. 

Trellidor went the international route, using a globally respected certification body called BRE Global Loss Prevention Certification Board. We’ve had our top-of-the-range sliding security gates tested for strength under attack and certified by this organisation. Our newest model has been certified as the strongest sliding security gate in the world and these certificates are available to view on our website.  

5. DIY or Custom-made?

There is a place for off-the-shelf security gates, particularly if price is the critical factor in making your choice. Be aware, however, that cheap DIY products can’t provide the same level of protection as pricier but professionally manufactured, fitted and guaranteed security gates do. Custom-made gates are manufactured to fit each individual aperture, are stronger and perform better.

6. Don’t ‘buy down’ in the search for short term financial savings

When it comes to personal safety, the costs of cheap security could end up being far greater in the long run. Only thieves see the value in buying cheap security gates. ‘Bargain’ security gates often corrode quickly or snap under a concerted attack, so buy the best you can afford.

7. Buy security gates with good locks

Many break-ins occur through the lock area of the security gate, so purchase one with the toughest lock available to secure the best protection. Genuine Trellidor security gates have patented locks that provide maximum security using a single key point mechanism with several internal locking points for added strength.

8. Internal or external installation?

Get your security gates fitted inside your home or office rather than on the outside if possible. This makes it harder for intruders to break in, as they must break through the door or window, risking early detection due to the noise they make, before finding themselves blocked by your security gates.

9. Security gates for doors

All your exit doors should be protected by good quality, lockable security gates. This includes front doors, back doors and doors from the garage into the house. Fully framed security gate designs offer the best protection as they are generally stronger under attack than semi-framed models. The locking mechanism should lock in more than one place inside the lock stile. Trellidor Retractable security gates all lock in several place, using one key and keyhole for ease of use.

10. Security gates for windows

All windows should be protected by security gates, even tiny ones or those that seem impossibly high up. It is amazing how innovative criminals can be when they are determined to gain entry to your home. Sliding security gates are an excellent choice for windows because they open for window cleaning and as an emergency escape exit in the case of fire.

11. Security gates for safe zones in homes and offices

If your home or office is invaded despite your security measures, you need a safe haven to lock yourself into and call for help.  The door or passageway to the safe area should be protected by a strong security gate to prevent the intruders from getting to you. It is also advisable to install security gates on at least one window in this area, providing an escape route if necessary.  

12. Security gates for special needs  

Security gates should be designed to allow everyone to leave the building with ease in an emergency. Trellidor has solutions for special needs, such as recessed tracks and tracks that lift out of the way to prevent a tripping hazard.  Trellidor security gate locks can be positioned according to the customer’s requirements, for example, low enough for wheelchair users to reach. 

13. Check warranties or guarantees

Guarantees that over-promise and under-deliver are common in the security barrier industry.  The red tape involved in getting a supplier to honour their seemingly generous guarantee can be mind-boggling, so read the fine print and ensure you know what’s involved in a claim.  Make sure you understand what the company is promising and how they will follow through if you need to take them up on their promises.

14. Before spending money on security gates, check with a professional 

An expert security consultant will help you plan your home and business security, making sure you have a solution to protect every door and window in your home. Trellidor franchises all offer a free home and business security assessment and will provide quotes on a range of security gate designs.

Burglar proofing your home – 5 tips to consider for protection

An image of a small window burglar proofed.

What is burglar proofing?

Burglar proofing is designed to prevent burglars from forcing their way into your home through doors or windows. It is usually a form of physical barrier that is fitted alongside the door or window. Burglar proofing can be manufactured from steel, aluminium and other materials and can also take electronic forms. High quality burglar proofing solutions will be more resilient under attack by burglars using easily available tools such as spades, blocking them out and keeping home occupants safer for longer.

How to burglar proof your home

We all need burglar proofing at home, but we don’t all need the same level of protection from burglars. Families living on secure estates or in apartments might only need entry level burglar proofing on windows and doors to prevent petty theft of easily portable items like laptops and cellphones, or to keep monkeys or baboons out of the kitchen.  

At the other end of the spectrum are farmers in remote locations, who need a ‘heavy duty’ approach to burglar proofing solutions, including a well-designed safe zone to act as a haven in an emergency.

The rest of us are somewhere in between, requiring ideas on how to burglar proof one’s home to prevent any nasty surprises, without making it look and feel like a prison.

Here are some tips on how to burglar proof your home that apply across the board to all these types of homes.

1. Install burglar proofing solutions on every exit door

The most common points of entry for burglars are the front door, back door and garage.  We tend to leave these doors open or unlocked when we’re home because we think burglars won’t risk simply walking in when the house is occupied. This is precisely when they do come in, however, because it is so easy. They don’t have to break in or make a noise that will attract attention from the neighbours or armed response services, and if we have a burglar alarm, it is usually turned off.

Install good quality security gates inside the exit doors, front and back, and keep these gates locked at all times. This way you can leave your doors open for fresh air and sunshine, knowing the security gates will protect you from burglars.

There are many burglar proofing product choices for doors that won’t spoil your view or make your home look cluttered. Try see-through security screens with a woven steel mesh panel that your eye sees right through. Or aluminium louvre shutters that are a classy addition to your décor as well as provide security. 

Louvre shutters are an excellent choice if you live in a secure estate. Louvres designed with internal strengthening features and high quality locks do a great job of protecting you against petty theft by opportunistic burglars, with the bonus of not looking like burglar proofing at all.

Locks are often a weak point easily exploited by burglars, so ensure your security gates are supplied with the strongest locks available.  Upgrade your door locks too. Quality hardware stores should be able to assist you with suggestions for door locks.

2. Protect all your windows with burglar proofing

Fit burglar bars or grilles to all your windows, no matter how small or high up they are. It is amazing how innovative criminals can be when they are determined to gain entry to your home. That little window high up the wall is no deterrent and burglars will make a plan to get through it if it is the only unprotected window.

Don’t only secure windows that open.  Sophisticated burglars can cut out fixed window panes with very little noise, gaining easy access to your home, so protect these too. 

As with your exit doors, window burglar proofing solutions should be installed inside the house rather than on the exterior, if possible. This forces the burglar to break through the window, only to be confronted by a solid burglar proofing barrier that requires a lot of effort and noise to break through. Doing this, they risk being discovered due to the time it takes and the noise it makes, so they’ll move on to an easier home to break into.

Make sure some of your windows have burglar proofing that can be opened up in an emergency.  You don’t want to be trapped in a room and unable to get out because the windows are tightly secured.  

Product suggestions here are retractable security gates that can be fitted to windows and doors; security screens in hinged, sliding or other formats that open; louvre shutters; and roller shutter doors.

3. Install several layers of protection

Ideally, one should install ‘layers’ of security in and around the house, starting from the perimeter of the property and working towards and into the home. Exterior movement sensors, secure perimeter fencing, burglar alarms, interior movement sensors, burglar bars on all windows, sliding gates on doors, panic buttons, a safe room and armed response are all part of the list.  

This is a costly exercise, though, so begin with security gates on doors and burglar proofing on windows so that you can at least stop intruders from getting inside your home.  Add more layers as the funds become available, so that you’ll have mechanisms to warn you that people are on your property uninvited. 

If you live in a secure estate, it is usually petty theft that is a problem, so you may not need many layers. Burglar proofing on windows is often enough to prevent passers-by from nipping inside to help themselves to your valuables. Products like Polycarbonate Bars for windows, louvre shutters or clear guard security screens are perfect as they are all see-through and don’t look like security barriers.

Noisy deterrents such as large dogs and burglar alarms are a good investment as they heighten the burglar’s fear of getting caught.  Allow at least one large dog to sleep inside the house as an element of surprise should burglars get inside your home.

4. Tidy up outside

Keep your garden free of hiding places for burglars.  Trim overgrown shrubbery near the house and exterior walls or fencing.  Don’t leave garden implements or tools outside. Criminals only need a small hammer left lying around outside to break a window and get into your house.

Check that you have adequate lighting outside so that you don’t have to walk from your car to the house in the dark and replace globes as soon as they stop working.  Exterior lights are another good deterrent as criminals don’t want to be seen. Use night lights in the house for the same reason.

5. Vigilance is key

A list of home security tips on burglar proofing your home is incomplete without mentioning the most important one: vigilance. This is as simple as keeping an eye out for anything or anyone usual in your neighbourhood. Of course, you can’t accuse every stranger of being a burglar, but simply being aware they’re there will make you more inclined to keep your security gates and windows closed and locked.

Join your neighbourhood watch or get one going, and share information on a messaging group.  Areas around South Africa that have worked together successfully have cut down the incidence of crime drastically.

Keep your garage door closed and make sure you know where all your remote controls are.  If one of these is lost, ask your garage door supplier to reset the rest to avoid potential theft.  

Never leave the remote controls in your car as some thieves are able to ‘record’ your transmitter’s signal and open the door without stealing the control. Also, insist on encrypted coding or code hopping transmitters and receivers to optimize your security.

Lastly, keep track of your house keys. Make sure you know who has keys to your home and if you dismiss staff members, ensure any keys and remote controls they have access to are returned to you.

5 Elements to Consider Before Installing Retractable Security Gates

5 Elements to Consider Before Installing Retractable Security Gates

Installing security gates throughout your home can be an expensive exercise. And if you buy good quality sliding security gates, you’ll be stuck with them for a very long time.  It makes sense, therefore, to do some research on security gate designs, not just on security gate prices, before deciding on a supplier. This will go a long way towards avoiding buyer’s remorse. 

Trellidor has some suggestions on how to investigate all your options before handing over your hard-earned cash to your sliding security gate supplier

1. DIY or Custom-made?

The first decision to make is whether to purchase security gates that you can fit yourself, or to get the experts in to measure, quote, supply and install. This is a tough decision if you’re working to a tight budget, because DIY products are cheaper. But on the other hand, house robbery has skyrocketed over the last 10 years, so are you prepared to take a chance with lower quality security gates that are easy to break through?

There is a place for off-the-shelf security barriers, particularly if the security gate price is the critical factor.  Just be fully aware of what you are purchasing and don’t expect these DIY retractable security gates to do the same protection job that custom made, professionally fitted and guaranteed gates would do.

A DIY sliding security gate will merely act as a deterrent to potential house robbers but can’t seriously be expected to keep them out of your home. Breaking through these gates takes seconds, so house robbers can be in and out of your home quickly, taking your TV, laptops and cell phones with them.

Custom made sliding security gates are made to fit as tightly as possible, increasing their strength and integrity. They require precise measuring and specification of the correct sliding gate design by an expert. 

Trellidor offers several different security gate designs, each with an increasing level of strengthening features to make them tough to break through. The model recommended for you will depend on the level of security risk you face at home.

2. Strength under Attack

Don’t let your supplier convince you that all security gates are the same and that you may as well go for the cheapest ones.  Sliding security gates can often look similar but are very different in how they are manufactured. Some will resist an attack for a lot longer than others.  You don’t want to find out after installation that cheap doesn’t equal effective.

One of the biggest problems in South Africa is that there are no recognised testing bodies to set standards for the strength of security barriers.  Trellidor does not believe in compromising on customers’ safety, so we went global and found a respected certification body that has established standards by which we can judge our signature sliding security gates. This organisation is called BRE Global Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). 

The LPCB is an independent, third-party certification body that sets standards that ensure security products, amongst others, work effectively. They test security gates, shutters, doors and many other products against these standards and if they pass, award a Certificate of Product Approval that says so.  

Trellidor has three products with LPCB certification, all designed for extreme security situations rather than homes. But you don’t have to buy one of these products to get a reliable Trellidor security gate that will perform extremely well under attack by robbers.  All Trellidor Retractable security gates have built-in strengthening features and patented locking systems that give you the best chance of keeping them out.

No responsible security barrier manufacturer should ever claim that their products are impenetrable, because if robbers arrive armed with the right tools and have enough time to use them, they can eventually get through most security gates.  But wouldn’t you want to make this as difficult as possible for them by buying time to get help or escape? For this, you need to purchase the strongest sliding security gate you can afford.

3. Slam lock or Dead lock?

There is a misconception in the marketplace that slam locks are always the best for sliding security gates. Realistically, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to slam a lock in an emergency. Break-in reports show that home invaders are more likely to get into your home through a door that’s left unlocked, or they try to break in through an unsecured door or window.  

The positive aspects of slam locks:  

  • They are quick to lock.
  • They can be primed and made ready for locking at any time.
  • You don’t need a key to lock the security gate. 
  • The Trellidor slam lock is patented and very strong.  But not as strong as the Trellidor deadlock.

The negative aspects of slam locks: 

  • It is very easy to lock yourself out accidently with a slam lock.  
  • It is also far too easy for a child to lock themselves in or out by mistake, with you stranded on the other side of the gate.
  • Many gates with this type of lock require two keys in two separate locks to lock the gate, which is a cumbersome arrangement and encourages unsafe short cuts such as using only one key in a hurry.  The Trellidor sliding security gate slam lock requires only one key in one keyhole, making it simple to use and therefore more likely to be used consistently.  
  • The slam lock designed locks are traditionally weaker and more vulnerable under attack than the deadlock systems. For added security, the Trellidor slam lock key engages in several different places inside the lock style, using just the one key point.

Why deadlocks are better

The lock recommended by Trellidor is the deadlock, which is fitted standard to Trellidor Retractable security gates because:

  • The Trellidor deadlock locks use one key in one keyhole.
  • It locks securely with a single throw or turn of the key.
  • It locks in several places in the lock stile, not just in one place, adding to its strength.
  • It is a stronger design than a slam lock.
  • No activation is needed to lock the gate.
  • There is no danger of locking yourself out or of children accidently locking themselves in a room or outside the home.

4. Reliable Guarantees 

Reputable security gate manufacturers offer extended guarantees because their products are reliable and do the job for which they were intended. Customers need to be aware of this when making their purchase and decide for themselves whether this matters to them or not.

To get a competitive edge, some sliding security gate suppliers are offering guarantees that are impossible to honour or possibly in contravention of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).  If you should ever have to take them up on their overly generous guarantee, you’d have a minefield of terms and conditions to negotiate to get satisfaction. To be believable, guarantees should be realistic and enforceable in terms of the CPA.

If you live at the coast or in any other corrosive environment, then you need to know how long your retractable security gates will be guaranteed against corrosion. Trellidor manufactures security gates in steel as well as aluminium. Aluminium retractable security gates are an excellent option for coastal homes as aluminium withstands corrosive environments better than steel. 

All Trellidor security gates, whether steel or aluminium, are pre-treated for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance before undergoing powder coating.  This helps to retain the quality finish and increases the lifespan of the barrier, making them suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.

Remember that guarantees usually include clauses regarding the correcting cleaning and maintenance of products. These must adhered to in terms of the guarantee.

5. After-sales Service

Most of us only think about after-sales service when a product fails and we can’t get the supplier to make good on the purchase. One of the advantages of buying your sliding security gate from a Trellidor franchise is that the company has been around for over 40 years and even if a franchise changes hands, there is someone available to attend to your problem. 

A great example of this service continuity relates to a Trellidor Retractable Security gate installed in 1982 and still going strong 35 years later, when the homeowner wanted the locks updated to more modern versions.  The security gate was installed at the home of a Mr Maurer, who lives in Claremont, Cape Town.  

Mr Maurer told us that his Trellidor Retractable Security gate is still working just as well as on the day it was installed over three decades ago. In those days, the Cape Town area was serviced by a Trellidor branch office.  It was only in 2001 that the area was franchised. The Cape Town South franchise was purchased by Peter Snijman, previously the Cape Town Regional Manager. 

Peter’s son Jacques now manages the franchise and amazingly, Jacques still has the original Trellidor Retractable security gate order document from 1982 that authenticates the date of Mr Maurer’s purchase all those years ago!  

Quality has always been high on the list of priorities at Trellidor. This decades-old installation confirms that good quality products will stand the test of time and reliable companies will be around decades later to service your security gates, update locks or show you how to clean them to keep them sliding smoothly.

Top 6 Reasons to Select Transparent Burglar Bars

Transparent Burglar Bars

What are Transparent Burglar Bars?

Transparent burglar bars are made from engineering grade Polycarbonate (PC) plastic, manufactured into bars. It has a high impact resistance and is see-through. Bars individually screwed into window frames cannot repel an attack as well as fully framed units. PC is suitable for medium to low risk security threats, not high risk areas. In South Africa it is more commonly used to keep monkeys and baboons out of homes. Security screens made from high tensile woven stainless steel mesh encased in a frame are also classed as transparent burglar bars as the eye sees right through the mesh.

Transparent burglar bar benefits

Transparent burglar bars have gained popularity in South Africa because they are virtually invisible window security bars. In a country where every window and door needs to be protected against an attempted break-in and homes could end up looking like prisons, this see-through aspect is important.

The problem is that because these Polycarbonate bars are readily available and easy to install, people forget to ask pertinent questions such as ‘what are transparent burglar bars made out of’ and ‘are they as strong as steel burglar bars’ or even ‘how long will these PC bars last if exposed to UV rays?’

Polycarbonate bars are just one of the products available within the Trellidor range of burglar proofing for windows. They were introduced to the range of options because:

  1. Polycarbonate bars are excellent for keeping monkeys and baboons out of homes in areas where these primates have become a pest.
  2. It is suitable for housing estates where conventional burglar bars are banned. In this case, the invisible bars are a deterrent to petty theft.
  3. They are a good low-cost solution in low crime risk areas where people just want to add a layer of security that acts as a deterrent to break-ins.

Trellidor is known for the strength of its security barrier products, so our franchises don’t just install off-the-shelf Polycarbonate bars. These low-end products are easy to kick out of the window frame to which they are attached and are not up to Trellidor standards.

Our engineers redesigned Polycarbonate bar burglar proofing, adding a full frame that secures the bars in place, increasing their stability and ability to resist attack. The unit is secured into the substrate surrounding the window, rather than merely being screwed into the window frame.

Trellidor does not advise the use of these see-through burglar bars in high crime risk areas. But in areas where they are suitable for use, they are a very acceptable invisible solution to protecting windows.

6 reasons to select Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar transparent burglar bars

1. Virtually invisible 

Polycarbonate bars are transparent, so you hardly notice that they’re there on your windows, keeping out monkeys, baboons and people without being too obvious. For this reason, they are often approved by Homeowners Associations and Bodies Corporate for use in estates. They’re also ideal for hotels, bush lodges and country estates.

2. Fully framed

Most Polycarbonate bars are simply screwed individually into the window frame. Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar, however, is fully framed on all four sides, with the Polycarbonate bars fitted into an extruded aluminium frame at regular intervals. 

This increases the strength of each unit once it’s installed next to the window. The frame adds stability and resilience, making Trellidor Polycarbonate burglar bars much sturdier than other Polycarbonate bars that are just screwed into the window frame.

3. Neat finish

The patented extruded aluminium frame provides a neat finish to the Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar unit. It is a slim-line design with corner cleats and can be fitted into a relatively small reveal size for an unobtrusive reveal fit as opposed to a face-on fit.

The fact that the frame is slim-line is important because many homes these days are built with narrow reveals to save on building costs. Into this small space you have to fit the window, burglar proofing and blinds, so there is a lot of competition for installation space.

4. Customized gaps

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar customized gap sizes allow the customer to choose the size of the space between each polycarbonate panel, within an ideal range that will deter monkeys if necessary. The pitch (space from the centre of one panel to the centre of the adjacent panel) can be either 90mm or 130mm, narrow enough to discourage monkeys and baboons from trying to get through them. 

This reasonably flexible choice of pitch size is also designed to more easily accommodate window handles and hinges.

5. Fixed to substrate

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bars are fixed to the substrate surrounding the window instead of to the window frame itself. This contributes to the strength of these burglar bars when attacked by an intruder. Polycarbonate panels merely screwed into the window frame are far easier for burglars to pull out by applying a bit of force.

6. Excellent lifespan

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar has an excellent lifespan because our manufacturing process includes pre-treatment for enhanced corrosion and UV resistance. This process helps guard against one of the most common complaints against Polycarbonate bars, which is yellowing and discolouration of the Polycarbonate panels due to exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Transparent security screens

See-through security screens are another type of invisible window security bar. The woven stainless steel mesh panel that makes up the bulk of this burglar proofing is virtually invisible to the eye. When you look at the screens, you see right through them to the outside.

The screens can be manufactured for doors and windows in a number of different configurations. So if you have sliding doors onto your patio, the screens can be made into a sliding door format and installed alongside your doors. You are then able to keep your doors open for fresh air and light, while the screens are closed and locked for protection.

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are beautifully designed and strong enough to deter burglars. They also keep out monkeys, baboons, snakes and insects such as mosquitoes. The screens also assist with internal climate control, as they block out a degree of heat and UV penetration.

This is a high-end product that is suitable for homes, bush lodges, offices, patios and any room with a lovely view that would be spoiled by the clutter of metal burglar bars. It is a reliable form of see-through burglar bars that can be used in high crime risk areas.